IMG_1962Thanks to God that with the help of my unique Vastu Shastra tools, which keep evolving and enriching with every new project by HIS grace and blessings, I have been able to turn around many industries and industrial projects, which were on the brink of closing down, into highly successful and profit making ventures.

In my experience of traveling and doing Vastu Shastra consultations through all four corners of this world, several times, I have observed that badly planned industrial units from the point of view of Vastu parameters, either fail to take off or fair very badly facing problems of all sorts including financial crises, accidents, strikes and continuous road blocks.

Shape of the land, where a industrial unit has been commissioned, plays a very crucial role in its success or failure. Entry gate for the raw material and exit gate for the finished product is another important thing. Storage area for raw material and as well for finished products is again of paramount importance.

Electric substation, power generators, water storage areas should also be elementally correct, corresponding with Vastu parameters.

I keenly observe all the following components of an industrial unit for identifying the Vastu flaw and blocks in energy.

  1. Raw material and storage
  2. Raw material processing
  3. Various components of production (depending upon the type of production)
  4. Quality control and inspection
  5. Research and development
  6. Lab testing
  7. Storage of finished goods
  8. Loading bays and shipment
  9. Toilets for workers
  10. Pantry and dining area for workers
  11. Recreational activities
  12. Residential quarters for workers
  13. Administrative office
  14. Electric substation and power generation
  15. Water management and water storage

I first pay maximum attention to the entire land area of an industrial unit, keenly observing its shape, size and land elevations. Then I divide it into 9 Vastu zones identifying the missing or extension of Vastu zones. Then I further make 64 Vastu deity zone divisions to check entry point for the raw material, exit point for the finished goods. I also check all the other crucial gates and doors on Vastu parameters and run a check through 64 Vastu deity zones. Finally I divide the industrial land into 81 Vastu energy zones to finely analyze the missing zones or extended zones to diagnose the real problem. Most of my clients become awestruck when I describe the real problems being faced by a industrial unit, without asking a single question.

This is simply and absolutely God’s kind grace. Vastu Shastra is a divine science and the blessings and grace of the divinity is very important. I function and succeed only because HE choses me to help someone. This is all divine conspiracy.

I then prepare Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) charts of the key people including CEO, Managing Director, President, study them thoroughly, check their compatibility with the chart of the Industrial unit. I follow a specific way to prepare the astrological chart of the Industrial unit I visit to do consultation for. I then suggest necessary Vastu corrections and proactive suggestions to clear the negative blocks and help flow positive Vastu energy.