With a breathtaking view of the river flowing not very far from the property line, this house in Cologne in Germany was very beautiful and tastefully done. My client a tall middle aged German, whose son had a strong interest in Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, had suggested him to contact me. They had purchased this house a year back and were not feeling very happy since the family moved in.

It was a two storied house with a beautiful lawn in the front and patio with river view in the back. I toured the whole property first from the outside and later from inside, holding compass and working on my charts consisting 9 Vastu zones, 64 Vastu deity zones and 81 Vastu energy zones, 12 signs, nine planets and 27 nakhshatras (stars). My Vastu findings were worrisome and scary. This house had story of death, imprisonment and accidents. To my surprise my client was completely unaware of such events in the past concerning this beautiful and picturesque house. He purchased it for its location, view and beauty. He even had no idea about Vastu doshas or Vastu Shastra. It was only his son, who was exposed to Vedic knowledge, alternate healing system, metaphysical sciences and suggested him to consult me, when the weird feelings and uneasiness kept growing every day.

Generally because of meditating every day and doing my special Vastu deity prayers, I never get affected by the negative energies, prevailing in a property, but this house exhausted me and drained my energy when I retuned to my hotel room. Same evening working later on different plans and property maps I prepared my Vastu appraisal report and handed over them to my client next morning.

My findings were; Ever since this house has been built :: a) Residents have not prospered here. B) There may have been accidents and people dying young. C) Some people living here may have even served long term in jail. d) A suicide may also have taken place.

My client, a highly educated man with scientific bend of mind and strong rational, was horrified to see my Vastu appraisal report. But I was not doing any verbal blah blah. I wrote everything and mailed him so that he can verify my findings. My Vastu suggestions were also not very convenient for him and did not make any sense to him. I suggested him to close the most beautiful swimming pool, fill the wine cellar with concrete, create an altar in the living area, move his sleeping space to a smaller room besides making several other Vastu related recommendations.

From his body language I could make out that he was not happy with the decision to invite me for Vastu appraisal, as this whole thing did not make any sense to him. I am sure that in my absence he may have had a spat with his son too for suggesting him such rubbish. The rest of the story came from his son 10 days later.

Out of curiosity he decided to investigate my “weird claims”. No race in the world can equal Germans in precise record keeping. When I do Vedic astrology charts, I can blindly work with German birth data, as they are always precise to the seconds. This I can not confidently do in other countries and cultures. In some countries and cultures every body’s birth is always on the hour or 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour. There is no way that anyone may have been born at 11, 27, 38 or 55 minutes past the hour.

I got a mail from his son 10 days later while I was still in Europe. His father had found that the first owner of the house was waylaid and killed by a gang of drunken thugs, while he was steering his car through a narrow lane in not so nice district of the city. His widow sold the house to doctor. This man met an accident the same year and fractured his both legs while his wife became serious alcoholic. Third owner was a very successful entrepreneur before he moved in this house. After seven month of being in this house serious discrepancies for storing some illegal material were found in his business and he landed in jail for 3 years. Meanwhile his wife got so depressed with this unexpected turn of good fortunes that she committed suicide. He came out of the jail and two years later sold this house to my client.

IMG_1440Two years later I was again in the area for another Vastu project. My client came to know about my visit and invited me home for lunch next day. To my satisfaction my all Vastu recommendations had been implemented. The swimming pool was replaced by a beautiful rock garden. The wine cellar was buried under a beautiful Persian rug. He was happy sleeping in the smaller but not really small bedroom. He was happy, jovial, and cracking jokes in German, which his son was translating in English for me. His thanked me for my Vastu work as he felt much better and confident after implementing all the Vastu changes, I had suggested. And I again thanked the great Vastu Purusha energy for his divine blessings to help me assist my clients.