IMG_1113 IMG_1703It was hot and humid in Houston Texas USA and my client, a sober humble gentleman of 50, was effortlessly steering the golf cart around his huge warehouse through the large pile of heavy castings and giant manhole covers. While his elegant wife was quietly sitting in the back seat, I was sitting next to him curiously asking questions while inspecting all the property lines, boundaries, structures and large buildings. At one point I felt a bizarre sort of discomfort driving around the back of the property. I requested my client to stop the vehicle. We both came out. Holding the compass in my hand, I started mentally calculating nine Vastu zones, sixty four Vastu deity zones, eighty one Vastu energy zones, eight Vastu directions and connecting them to twelve zodiac signs, nine planets and twenty seven nakhshtras. We both stood facing each other and then suddenly out of nowhere a bird fell between us, fluttered for a minute and died.
We both looked at each other with a blank and clueless expression. While he and his wife were still recovering from this sudden and unexpected event, I once again thanked the divine Vastu Purusha Energy, which is the primary Vastu Shastra deity, regularly worshipped by all pandits in the Vastu pooja for a property or on all auspicious occasions. The Vastu Purusha has again very kindly given me a clear hint and clue about the major Vastu flaw in that industrial warehouse.
As I turned around to study all the Vastu dynamics in that area I found a big door towards the rear of the warehouse, between the Yama and Nairitya Vastu zones of the eighty one Vastu energy zones.
The story of the business and growth on that property had mixed fortunes. Sometimes going up and other times being pulled down and cheated by close confidents. The stability, consistency and sustainable growth were missing all together. The most recent development was an unexpected treachery and showdown by a close associate, trying to bifurcate and create his own business. This was sort of a final nail in the fortunes of the company.
My Vastu visit was scheduled as an effort to salvage the image of the company and save it from an eminent closure.
Of course as the Divine Vastu Purusha had clearly indicated the large door at the back of the property had to be closed. Many more Vastu changes were suggested including a imposing fountain close to the entrance, which initially made no sense to my client but was later acknowledged with glee to be growing as a favourite lunching hotspot with the workers.
Six months later there was no talk of closure but expansions and expansions. Today their number of warehouses across all the states of America can’t be count on fingers. The company keeps growing with a large production unit in China and another coming in Oklahoma.
I again humbly bow to and thank the divine Vastu Purusha energy for helping me assist my clients by showing the right path at the right time.
Om Vastu Purushaye Namah