As I stepped in a very beautiful and aesthetically decorated living room with the husband, who has brought me to his residence to do Vastu analysis of his posh and luxurious South Delhi home, a very anxious and elegant woman greeted me with visible anxiety. I looked around to be further impressed by the huge paintings of country’s most celebrated painters, decorating most walls of the big foyer, large drawing room and a lively courtyard.

The primary purpose of my Vastu analyzing visit to this property was to clear the doubts created by some other Vastu person, which had created sort of panic for this family. They had been told to demolish two toilets, move the kitchen and change the entrance of the house to other road. The property was on a cross intersection with approach from two sides.

When I questioned that initially what made them seek Vastu Shastra guidance, they both spoke almost at the same time, “there is always fighting between us …and for no apparent reason, otherwise we have no problem by God’s grace. We have good kids, reasonably nice business and no serious health issues but now we are more disturbed as it’s a big headache to implement the suggested Vastu changes. Alternatively he has asked us to purchase some special very expensive Vastu Pyramids if we do not want to do these changes. We feel that this guy is not credible despite his popular image and frequent presence in the media as we find it sort of a fear blackmail ”.

I did my 84 Vastu Energy zone and 64 Vastu Diety zone analysis through the entire property and found that the main entrance was in a very Vastu friendly zone, kitchen was in the second best alternate Vastu zone. Toilets were no issue. Only changes they needed were to flip master bedroom with the guest bedroom, completely cover a pillar with mirror and install a few indoor plants and couple of fountains.

Two months later when I called the lady to thank her for the referrals of her other relatives and friends, she very cheerfully informed me they both have become calm in their happy home.

IMG_0028Vastu Shastra is the tool to attain happiness, success, prosperity and good health.