Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Commercial Ventures

Commercial ventures or corporate offices have altogether different Vastu Shastra dynamics. There are different components of a commercial space. In my experience of offering professional Vastu Shastra consultations for a huge number of commercial ventures all over the world I have observed that despite an efficient team of very dedicated and skilled workers and executives, experienced management and creative planning the business turn over fail to reach the magic figures.

The following components of a business office or commercial venture have to be in harmony with each other as per the Vastu directions and elements.

  1. Reception
  2. Sales and marketing
  3. Expansions and growth
  4. Purchase and procurement
  5. President, CEO and managing director
  6. Board room
  7. Publicity
  8. Conference and meeting rooms
  9. Computer server, fax, copiers and printers
  10. Management and administration
  11. Accounts and finance
  12. Pantry and refreshments
  13. Toilets

I first identify the commercial office complex or corporate office facility in 9 Vastu zones including Brahma Sthana. Then I further divide it into 64 Vastu deity zones to check and correct doors and entrances and finally I again divided into 81 Vastu energy zones to analyze, tune and correct energy blocks.

I also analyze the name of the business and tune and correct that according to Vastu dynamics. I also prepare Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) charts of the key people including CEO, Managing Director, President, study them thoroughly, check their compatibility with the chart of the commercial venture. Then I suggest necessary remedies, Vastu corrections and proactive suggestions to grow the business to its fullest potential.