Standing at the front door of the beautiful town house in the posh North Seattle neighborhood in USA, I was admiring the beautiful two-storied house, which my client, a very well known Vedic Astrologer of USA, has recently purchased and moved in. He got re-married to a very elegant woman two months back and needed bigger space as he already had two teenage daughters from the first marriage. We had known each other since long. I had been regularly teaching at his Vedic Astrology center in Seattle since 1994. He was one of the very few enthusiastic white Americans doing western Astrology, who had converted to Vedic astrology in those years.

“I don’t know why my daughters are so scared ever since we moved in this house. They feel as if someone is moving in the house and come screaming right into my bedroom in the middle of the night”, he told me in a shaken voice. I need your help to assure my daughters that everything is fine here.

Two chubby girls in their early teens were looking at me with a nervous smile and anxious face. I knew the wonderful kids since their childhood and always felt fatherly affection for them, as my daughter too was their age. During my frequent foreign travel itinerates, I had very little chance to spend time with my daughter therefore I always felt connected in some way to the girls of her age during my absence from India.

Same evening in my hotel room I sat to work on my Vastu analysis and the serious Vastu flaws I had observed during my visit to the elegant home of my client, I had visited earlier in the day. Working on the 9 Vastu zones, 8 directions & Brahm Sthana, 64 Vastu deity zones and 81 Vastu energy zones I found a different kind of story emerging. This house was good for growth, success and prosperity but not good for the kids because of giant tree in the close proximity of the building in bad direction. I called my client and shared my observations. For a few moments he was silent on the other end of the telephone line.

“But Dr. Sharma do you mean to say that other families, who owned and stayed in this house before we bought it, had their kids suffering similar issues”, he finally asked. I was certain of my Vastu findings and told him that yes this was possible.

“Well ! As far as I know there was no such issue with the family who lived here immediately before us”, he again commented but not in too sure voice tone.

“How sure you are about your information about that family? Can you please specifically confirm again for my academic interest ?” I was forceful this time.

“Well ! Now it’s too late. I have to call the realtor (property dealer) tomorrow to find out the story since you are insisting. As far as I am concerned I am pretty sure that the family before us never had such a issue”, he again told me in a subdued voice and hung up.

Next morning I again visited the property and suggested important Vastu changes including taking off the big tree, which anyway was very threatening to the safety of the building. Same evening I had a flight back to San Francisco, where I used to live. It took my client almost a week to find out the story. It was Sunday evening and I was about to step out for dinner with a few friends when he called and narrated the following story in a fearful and worried voice.

The family, who lived before in the house, was the one who got that house constructed twenty years back. They had only one child, a son, who was born three years later. This child grew up to be physically hyperactive and mentally very aggressive. When the son was 12, they consulted different psychiatrists, gave him many medicines and finally when nothing worked, they started isolating him by confining him in a locked room. Later when the problem got even worse, unwillingly they started chaining him too.

My client was shocked. He never expected such a horrible story to emerge. Now he was worried about his daughters that how they are going to be in that house. I reassured him and requested him to implement all the Vastu changes at earliest and do prayers regularly with his family.

Three months later when I again visited Seattle for another assignment, my client invited me for dinner at his house. To my joy I found that the energy in the house has completely shifted to become positive. The girls this time smiled with happiness and confidence when they told me that now there was ‘no one’ in the house and they sleep very well and have no fear of any sort.

IMG_1796The whole joyful conversation on that beautiful evening with a very wonderful family brought me happiness. I once again bowed to the divinity for the blessings of such divine moments.