In the most scenic and beautiful Urbania region of North Italy, where I was visiting to approve a existing garment manufacturing unit for a Dubai based client, I was bewildered by gigantic fountain close to the main entrance. I checked the site plans, floor plans, sewage drainage plans, electricity distribution plans, water storage and distribution plans and building elevation plans and marked the location of the fountain in the 84 Vastu energy zonal distribution, which I had already prepared taking help from the satellite mapping of the area.

My mind got flooded with thousands doubts and questions as I proceeded to scan the entire manufacturing unit step by step. From the main factory entrance to the main property entrance various objects, very crucial and important from Vastu perspective were also place marked in the 64 Vastu deity divisions on the site plan. As a very beautiful Italian woman, manager of the factory, guided us through the huge fabric storage, fabric cutting, sewing, finishing, packing and shipping areas, my feeling of being more perplexed kept rising. I was noticing serious Vastu flaws and was really worried, as my client had already paid huge amount as upfront money to go for the deal. The whole property represented a feeling of disarray, conflicts and ambiguity.

Later that evening after a very generous and sumptuous Italian dinner comprising of special delicacies of that region and hosted by the owner of the factory, I sat down to work on my findings and Vastu analysis. More I worked more worried I became. My client was also a good friend and I was concerned about the losses he would incur in the process, as my Vastu analysis was indicating towards that. I had already informed him my discomfort and displeasure for not seeking my Vastu approval before going for the deal. His argument that he had no time to call me or consult me prior to deal was very vague as I was just a phone call or e-mail click away. I am always very attentive to my client’s needs and never shy away to respond them as I greatly respect their trust in my work and me. As I work for the clients all over the world through different time zones, many times I respond to a mail in the middle of the night or during early hours of morning, realizing the urgency of the matter in the interest of my clients.

Next morning co-relating my findings with the Vastu appraisal plans consisting 9 Vastu zones, 64 Vastu deity zones and 81 Vastu energy zones, 12 signs, nine planets and 27 nakhshatras (stars), I again walked through the factory all by self. After the first visit I always prefer to work alone to be able to channelize my energy and stay completely focused and absorbed san any interference. After lunch I sat to work on my laptop and the picture became very clear. My findings were definitely alarming to my client.

I told him point blank that ;

  1. He is being taken for ride as the facts and figures, presented to him and his financial advisors are completely morphed as there is no way that this factory is making any profit.
  2. There are many more unpleasant surprises waiting for him and the upfront amount he has already paid would be very difficult to recover.
  3. Do not accept anything on face value as these people are conniving with fraudulent people to take him for ride.
  4. This factory has never made any profit. It can be turned around to become successful but huge investments and major Vastu changes would be required.
  5. There are many financial liabilities on the current management, which he may not be aware at this point.
  6. And finally this is not a good deal. If he had consulted me before paying the advance amount, I may have never advised him to go ahead.

Unfortunately that day my client did not believe my Vastu analysis much and went ahead with his plans. Initially he did implement a few of the many Vastu changes I had suggested but soon realized the futility of wasting more money as the ugly reality started emerging. A year later when we met in Egypt he confirmed my worst fears. He had been taken for ride in true sense. There were huge financial liabilities on the factory, which the management very successfully concealed. Lot of stuff including machines and finished stocks were mortgaged. The employees had their pending dues.

Finally it did cost my client huge financial losses and very unpleasant situation before he walked out of the dal without even recovering his investments. Vastu analysis by a experienced Vastu Master is an amazing tool to assess a business or property before one decides to put his hard earned money on stake.

Yantra3Money spent on Vastu pre-analysis of a property or business or factory or industry is a wise investment provided the Vastu consultant is very experienced in the field and highly skilled in the science of Vastu Shastra.