A few days back I returned from a 3 months tour from USA and Mexico. This was my second trip to the US in the last six months. This trip too was quite intense. The clients were really very kind and helpful. Santa Fe and Albuquerque were quite educational as I attended a two week long NLP seminar, met my very dear friends Ana and Christian, who hosted me in their beautiful home. Met my old and very valuable friend Dr David Frawley (David was awarded with Padma Bhushan by president of India last years) and his most wonderful wife Shambhavi. The joy of meeting Kristina Flanagan, whom I first time met in 1995 for a Vastu project, was huge. My wife and daughter love her very beautiful, kind and generous spirit.

Subsequently 3 week long stay in Florida between Orlando, Tampa and Daytona was quite taxing as well fun. My client there is planning to start a chain of Spas, blending the best of many healing traditions in the world. I had to run a Vastu Shastra scan through 15 different properties and select the best three on Vastu parameters. To do a thorough comparison of sites on the basis of Vastu Shastra principles and choose the best possible available option is quite a serious job and need experience with thorough professional approach. Thank God ! when I left I and my client were able to reach a definite and fruitful conclusion.

Mexico was fun. Weather was excellent in Mexico City and all other places I visited with my Ukrainian client. He plans to buy two new hotels in Mexico as he expect Mexico to grow big as a touristic destination in the coming years. The Ukrainian client I work with is now a very good friend too. We both share many intellectual and spiritual interests. He is a very good company as he also likes to travel to new places, taste different street foods and I s least conscious of his being very rich. I did select one property for him, which I am sure would grow very successful for his ventures. The other ones were not as lucrative from Vastu perspective.

After an intermission of four days, the last project was an Industrial project in Oklahoma. The client, a very kind, humble and wonderful gentleman is known to me since 1994, when I visited to do his first commercial venture in Houston TX (USA). It took me two weeks to complete the whole project, which has many serious Vastu flaws including many important Vastu energy zones (of 81 Vastu energy zones) missing. Also many crucial Vastu deity zones (of 64 Vastu deity zones) were missing. This production unit, which my client recently bought on impulse without consulting me, has been going through serious challenges ever since it has been commissioned. One day before my departure from the US, I did my Vastu presentation in details with all my observations to the board members.

Now back home in Delhi until the next sojourn.