Almost 50% of the people who call me to know or consult about Vastu Shastra, have been influenced by the fraud of pyramids, copper wires or some copper energy plates and copper energy rods, which the Vastu charlatans claim, move of their own. Some frauds have come up with a even a better idea of […]

Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Residential Complexes My experience reveals that because of serious Vastu flaws many residential complexes continuously attract criminal activity, thefts, pilferage of all sorts, unusually high maintenance expenses, unwanted and unpredictable discord between residents, unlawful and illegal activities and frequent breakdowns in essential services. I have seen unexpected fire accidents, murders, […]

Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Commercial Ventures Commercial ventures or corporate offices have altogether different Vastu Shastra dynamics. There are different components of a commercial space. In my experience of offering professional Vastu Shastra consultations for a huge number of commercial ventures all over the world I have observed that despite an efficient team of […]

It was hot and humid in Houston Texas USA and my client, a sober humble gentleman of 50, was effortlessly steering the golf cart around his huge warehouse through the large pile of heavy castings and giant manhole covers. While his elegant wife was quietly sitting in the back seat, I was sitting next to […]

In the most scenic and beautiful Urbania region of North Italy, where I was visiting to approve a existing garment manufacturing unit for a Dubai based client, I was bewildered by gigantic fountain close to the main entrance. I checked the site plans, floor plans, sewage drainage plans, electricity distribution plans, water storage and distribution […]

As I stepped in a very beautiful and aesthetically decorated living room with the husband, who has brought me to his residence to do Vastu analysis of his posh and luxurious South Delhi home, a very anxious and elegant woman greeted me with visible anxiety. I looked around to be further impressed by the huge […]

A few days back I returned from a 3 months tour from USA and Mexico. This was my second trip to the US in the last six months. This trip too was quite intense. The clients were really very kind and helpful. Santa Fe and Albuquerque were quite educational as I attended a two week […]