The car was speeding on the freeway. We were four persons returning from the site of a production unit, which my client has intention to purchase soon in view of the changing US policy against imports from China, to give boost to home production. We were in Texas and were retuning back to Houston. My primary impression, after a superficial and cursory Vastu Shastra analysis of this production unit was quite opposite to what my client wanted to hear.

“But Dr. Sharma the company balance sheets and other bank documents, which they have submitted with us, are showing consistent growth of the business and profits”, quipped on of the directors of the company, who was with us and was on the driving wheel. “ Your Vastu impression does not match the observations, our appraisal team is conveying us” he further added.

Soon we stopped at a gas station for refreshments. Sipping coffee, the MD of the company fixed his gaze on my face. “So Dr. Sharma you think that this unit can not make money and is suffering losses” saying this he looked into my eyes to notice any waver in my Vastu analytical confidence.

Without blinking I once again repeated what I said and further added, “Well ! This is really premature still for me to give a conclusive Vastu Shastra verdict on this unit as I have to study everything in details. I need minimum 3 to 4 days to revert with detailed Vastu appraisal report analyzing everything thoroughly. So please wait to hear from me. Since you were curious about my primary observation, I just gave you a very superficial brief.”

Three days later I mailed all of them my detailed Vastu observations, which were not in favour of that industrial unit. I concluded by suggesting not to proceed further with the negotiations to purchase as in my Vastu analysis opinion that unit was incurring heavy losses and all the façade they were projecting was sham. I further suggested them to consult another industrial appraisal team and appoint an independent CPA (Chartered Accountant) to get a second opinion about the balance sheets and sales projections.

Ten days later my client called me excitedly. He told me that everything I wrote in my Vastu appraisal report about that production unit was true. All the balance sheets, accounts were manipulated. All the sales figures were false projection. This company was desperate to sell the unit and they created a big scam with the help of some mischievous accountants to project completely false façade of the company.