Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Residential Complexes

My experience reveals that because of serious Vastu flaws many residential complexes continuously attract criminal activity, thefts, pilferage of all sorts, unusually high maintenance expenses, unwanted and unpredictable discord between residents, unlawful and illegal activities and frequent breakdowns in essential services. I have seen unexpected fire accidents, murders, suicides in residential facilities or community livings because of bad Vastu planning.

The following components of a residential complex need to be in harmony with elements and each other for a happy, trouble free, joyful and smooth community living.

  1. Main entrance and other entrances
  2. Security office
  3. Resident welfare office
  4. Car parking
  5. Layout of residential blocks and buildings
  6. Water tanks
  7. Electric meters and power generators
  8. Swimming pools
  9. Parks and open lawns
  10. Gymnasium
  11. Guest houses
  12. Sports and physical activity facilities
  13. Trash management
  14. Sewer system
  15. Rain water management


I first broadly check the residential facility dividing it into 9 Vastu zones including the central part. My next step is to divide it further into 64 Vastu deity zones to run a check on all the entry and exit drive in and drive out gates. Finally I again divided the complex into 81 Vastu energy zones finely observe the energy blocks.

I scan the building heights and their proportionate relation to the entire area of the residential building complex. I pay attention to the electric distribution